We ask some of our most distinguished clients to share their latest success story.

Interview by Lisa Maurer, Vice President at Manex USA


This month, we asked Geraldo Mellado (Visual Procurement Senior Manager at Lord & Taylor ) to comment on his latest work.

Q. " As last years 40 under 40 Winner, can you advise this year's winners on what changes you have experienced ? Are you more of a public now than before ? "

A. In some way yes, I have gained confidence to put myself out there and to get involved with different leaderships programs. I also started my own company and overall I think it has been a reassurance that I am on the right path in my career.

Q. You just returned from Global Shop 2018 in Chicago, You served as the official SnapChat man about town, As the Silver winner of the UVMC course, I know you have bias, but what booths were your favorites, what products excited you ?

A. The UVMC for sure ! I think it was great to take a break from the routine and something fun and interactive. ORORA Visual had a demo of GOOGLE's Tilt brush program and it was really impressive. The VR technology is such a great tool. It is something that should definitely be further explored in the industry.

Q. You have a social/shopping campaign in support of Puerto Rico, can you tell us about that and how you hope to see it grow ? 

A. Yes, it all started as a successful relief fund for hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. From here i decided to expand and create a lifestyle brand inspired by the LATINX community. I currently have pins, posters and T-Shirts that celebrate the Hispanic culture, and we have been launching new products every month. One of my goals is to create a POP-UP / psychical Space where I can connect with the customers better and get to design an experience rather than just the product.