We ask some of our most distinguished clients to share their latest success story.

Interview by Lisa Maurer, Vice President at Manex USA

Robert Barnowske, Senior Design Director, David's Bridal  

Robert Barnowske, Senior Design Director, David's Bridal


This month, we asked Robert Barnowske (senior design director at David's Bridal) to comment on his latest work.

Q. Retailers are watching all the award season looks, this year with protest themes adding a spin to a defined trend direction, do you want to fill us in on what red carpet trends you are seeing as relevant?"

A. Diversity and the strength of personal style. There are so many different looks on red carpets today. From pants to ball gowns and every imaginable neckline. I feel the way a woman presents herself to reflect her own personal style and point of view is the most important trend of today.

Even when the actresses were wearing black as a show of unification and solidarity for the Me-Too movement, everyone interpreted the use of black in their own unique way.

Q. You have helped many a starlet prepare to walk the Red Carpet, Is there any celebrity that you have worked with or that you look for that you think brings it 100% every time?

A. I have been so fortunate to have worked for Vera Wang, and have had the privilege and honor to dress many actresses on their big night. For me, Michelle Williams is always a stand out. Her choices are always so well thought out, modern, directional, intelligent and uniquely her.

Q. At David's Bridal, do you have customers looking for the red carpet trends and does your store address that in it's merchandising?

A. At David's Bridal, we absolutely have brides that come in to make a "red carpet" statement on her big day. But, what I am proud about at David's, there are so many collections and such diversity in the assortment, every bride can come in and interpret her own version of "red carpet" to fit her own individual style.