As a variation on our Blend abstract mannequins female/male collection, there is the Blend semi-abstract. Almost identical to the Blend abstract; the positions are the same and the only difference between the two is the semi-abstract head which has facial features.
Even though there is a distinguished differents the females are still grounded with a hint of ‘laissez-faire’ and the males keep their ‘je ne sais quoi’ attitude.

Blend female/male mannequins have an optional choice of heads; standard on stock are the abstract heads without features and semi-abstract heads with facial features. The possibilities however are endless and everything is possible on your request.

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Standard available in high gloss RAL9002 but can be ordered in other colors upon request. These female/male semi-abstract mannequins include a round glass base, come in our Hans Boodt user friendly box and the Flexfit® program is standard on this collection.

The Blend collection has an optional choice of heads: Detachable abstract head or detachable semi-abstract head with facial features.

Height: 179 cm.
Shoulders: 48 cm.
Chest: 85 cm.
Waist: 62 cm.
Hips:  88 cm.
Heel: 9 cm.
Shoe size: 38 cm.